Moving ON


The 4th  –  Coming to your SENSES

The 5th  –  Mind the GAP 

The 6th  –  Nip it in the BRAIN

 The PRACTICE mp3 (Do not listen to this whilst driving or operating machinery.)

Awareness Exercises – Part II

Moving on from the Awareness Exercises Part I in the Basics level here are a few more dynamic relaxation exercises which bring mind and body into conscious awareness in the present moment. Practicing this off the course gives you something to aim for when you are on the course and under pressure – relaxed concentrated focused attention.

Standing yoga style stretches for golfers

Warm up your golfing body and mind with a few yoga stretches! Just take the stretches to the edge of what is comfortable for you. It’s all about ‘allowing’ not forcing. Take care of your body and be sure to check with your doctor if you have any concerns. Just a few benefits of yoga. 

The Important Points!!