Getting AHEAD


IMG_0728The 7th  –  Protecting the SELF

The 8th  –  Passion for the PROCESS

The 9th  –  FOCUS, Focus, focus

The PRACTICE mp3 (Do not listen to this whilst driving or operating machinery.)

Awareness Exercises  – Part III

The last in the series – remember you can use your favourite awareness exercises whenever you get the chance. Regular practice of bringing yourself back into the present moment, which is where your body resides, is helpful when you are swinging a club as you well know your mind is often elsewhere. That’s just what minds do but they can be trained. Developing focused concentrated relaxed attention ideal for a great golf shot!

More Yoga for Golfers

Improve your golfing body and mind with a few yoga moves! Just take the moves to the edge of what is comfortable for you. It’s all about ‘allowing’ not forcing. Take care of your body and be sure to check with your doctor if you have any concerns. Just a few benefits of yoga. 

The Important Points!!