The Mindful Golf Course

Playing golf mindfully is very good for you.  To feel the benefits you need to put in some regular practice. To give some structure to your practice and to help you develop these mind, body, golf skills  I have put together a unique 18 hole on line golf course. Here are a few short clips from the course……

Clip from The DETAIL on mp3 – Nip it in the BRAIN       Clip from The PRACTICE – Getting AHEAD         Sample pdf – Mind the GAP

The course content sources its mental training techniques and practices from mindfulness, meditation, sophrology, positive psychology and a bit of yoga to strengthen your body. All brought to you in down to earth, easy to use way.  All that is required is a mind that is open to possibility.

Here is a quick overview of the course content……..

For a more detailed description and to buy see below. It’s up to you how you pace yourself but repetition and allowing things time to sink in will have the most impact in the long term.

 The FRONT 9 


Level 1 – The BASICS  

1st – Start with a P.A.R.

It’s always good to start with a PAR to set you up for a great round. Here you will learn simple skills which will help you become more Present and Aware and in the moment. You will also learn how to use your Respiration –  how you breathe – to directly affect your mind and body to your advantage on and off the course….

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2nd – Get a GRIP

This is not the grip on your club! This is about helping you to get a grip on your own mind. With practice you will be able to put your attention where you want it, when you want it and leave it there….imagine that…

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3rd – Contents of CONSCIOUSNESS

Did you know that your thoughts about the things that happen to you and your environment create the experience of your life. What you feed into your consciousness creates how you see your world and this applies to your golf. Let me explain….

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Level 2 – Moving ON 

4th – Coming to your SENSES

You experience the world through your senses. When you focus on one of your senses in particular your mind becomes more relaxed. Learn how this works and experience it for yourself. Then find out how this can be used to your advantage on the course…..

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5th – Mind the GAP

Not the gap between the train and the platform. This is the gap between where you wanted the ball to go and where it actually ended up. Or how you want your life to be and how it is. Often there is quite a big difference between the two. Learning how to respond rather than react to this gap is critical……

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6th – Nip it in the BRAIN

Left to its own devices your mind and brain will come up with all sorts of stories that aren’t based on fact. Your body reacts to what is going on in your mind as if it were happening now. Learn how to notice how destructive this can be and how to nip it in the bud. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage once you understand its power….

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 Level 3 – Getting AHEAD  

7th – Protecting the SELF

Are you often distracted by others on the course? Do you blame others for your poor shots? Learn how to develop a layer of protection around yourself to reduce distraction.  By retaining your focus and taking responsibility, you don’t give your power away….

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8th – Passion for the PROCESS

This is about more than the all important pre shot routine, it will help you to understand why you need to develop a passion for all your processes. A passion for the process will enable you to let go of your obsession with the outcome… the score….

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9th – FOCUS, Focus, focus

What are you focussing on? Are you being specific enough? Have you got your bi-focals on? Focussing near and far is an essentail skill you can develop over time. Let’s practice…

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The BACK 9 – (not yet released)

 Level 4 – The TURN  

10th – Stepping into FLOW

You experience this highly functioning state of mind when the challenge you are undertaking is well matched to your skill and your mind is calm. Perfect for golfers. Learn how to enter your flow state, it starts by focusing your attention… ends with a shot played in pure awareness…

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11th – Mind your LANGUAGE

It has been proven that how you move your body effects your mood and state of mind. It has a lot to do with the chemicals released in your brain. It’s easy to change your body language – just act as if…! Just as important is the language you use in your mind. What are you saying to yourself? Is it helpful…..? Learn how to change the tape….

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12th – Remember the RULES

Golf rules –  love them or hate them they always apply, dating back hundreds of years they are the cornerstone of the game. As if there weren’t enough here are a couple more R & A rules from TMG…

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 Level 5 – Bringing it BACK 

13th – A Hero’s JOURNEY

The hero’s journey is the story line behind all the great movies, books, mythology and fairy tales. If follows a set pattern which unfolds in stages, in short – transporting the audience from the ordinary world with a call to adventure to a confrontation with and slaying of the dragon, a final ordeal, the reward and the return with the spoils. In many ways similar to a round of golf a rollercoaster of emotion ….. how you deal with it is key….

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14th – Integrate interesting INFORMATION

What do you say to yourself when you mess up? Is it helpful? Does it improve your state of mind. Every ball tells a story – don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the duff shots as well as the good ones. If you are so busy cursing yourself or the course all the useful information the ball provides you will be wasted, don’t miss out…..

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15th – Let it BE, Let it GO

Can you walk off the green after a putting disaster and regain your balance quickly? Or are you still cursing 3 holes on. Understanding why this happens and learning strategies to let go of the negative will have a big impact. You just need to know how and do it often….

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 Level 6 – Coming HOME  

16th – Adjust your THERMOSTAT

If it often seems to slip away from you over the last few holes it could be because your thermostat is set too low – you don’t think you have it in you to complete the job, you are limiting yourself through your beliefs about your ability….change your beliefs ….. change your life…change your golf…..

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17th – Accentuate the POSITIVE

For those of you old enough to remember you will know the lyrics of this great song, for those who aren’t watch here. Make this your mantra it will change your life and it applies to golf too….

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18th – Finish in the SPA

This is all about Stillness, Patience and Acceptance. These are 3 attributes which can be in short supply in the 21st century. Practicing and mastering these skills will take your game and your enjoyment of life to the next level……

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Take a moment or two to reflect on what were the highlights of your experience. Note then in you Golf Diary. What is the one thing you know you need to do more of and the one thing you need to do less of…?

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The course comes in 6 LEVELS.  You can buy the FRONT 9 then the BACK 9, or pay as you go 1 level at a time. It’s important that you take your time and master the basics before you move on to the next level. Over time the practices will become second nature so they won’t be just ‘something else’ to think about.Each level comprises 3 ‘holes’, as described below, with a PRACTICE mp3 for ongoing mental training and either an ‘ON LOCATION’ video or ‘AWARENESS’ exercises video or a YOGA for Golfers’ video. Plus a video summary of the important points

The ‘holes’ within each level have a short introductory video, a pdf and a mp3 of The DETAIL which will ensure you have the background knowledge and understanding to get the most out of your PRACTICE mp3 and the application of the techniques.REFLECTIONS (the 19th) which is available to purchase for members who own the FRONT and the BACK 9 brings it all together and includes a longer PRACTICE mp3



The Mindful Golfer Score Card will help you to keep track of your practice. I also recommend that you keep a Golf Practice diary to note down your experience and to fix the most important points in your mind. Once you have made a purchase please access your content via member area>my practice on the menu bar.