Talks and Presentations

body mind golf

Are you looking for a new talk or presentation for your club?

Would you like to give your members a taste of how the power of their minds can be harnessed on and off the golf course?

Could some of your members use a little golf-imagemindful awareness to help them enjoy their game more?

Do some of your members suffer from bad backs?

Your club pro is likely to be doing a great job with their swing but only they can change your mind. Do they know how to do that? They need to practise. They need to know what to practise!

Are you interested in finding out more about getting into ‘the zone’?  Would you like to discover tools, that you already have, and learn how to use them to improve your focus and concentration?

If so please contact me to arrange for a talk or a presentation. Something a bit different to add to the club’s social calendar. Members will leave with practical body/mind/golf exercises and a new perspective and a few insights that they can use on the course and in their everyday lives.

Suitable for all levels of golfer this is great introduction to some ancient and modern mindful practices and techniques that, with a bit of practice, can really make a difference to performance and enjoyment of the game.

Contact me to discuss and book.