Coach Now

Introducing a great opportunity for you to receive mindful golf coaching direct  from me via the Coach Now app. It’s really easy to use and will make a difference without a doubt, with regular practice. You can choose to have either your own private training space, or access to a team training space depending on your needs.

In your own training space you can learn mind body skills, listen to guided practice, watch videos and monitor your progress. You can also upload your own pictures and practice videos to keep you on track.

For a private training space coaching the cost is £30 per/wk (you will receive daily postings except Sunday) and in a team space (one way traffic from me to you with generic content) £30 per month. You can cancel anytime.

edufii coaching app

You will receive loads of practices and techniques which will remain in your training space for as long as you subscribe. A great way to keep your self on track towards your goal.

Easy to access your stuff as often as you want. Just contact me I’ll send you the link and let’s get started!