Back to blogging and a new swing!

It’s been a long while but I’m back online. I’m blogging my 2020/21 journey from 12 hcp to ___ . I have changed how I practice. With the help of Russell Heritage, Russell Heritage Golf You Tube Channel (subsribe for free), I have been working hard over the winter months doing drills with a view to making a permanent swing change.

So far we have cured my ‘over the top‘ but now a bit under plane (at least I now know what plane is!), I’ve improved my rotation but then started to rotate too far, then I needed to focus on getting the lead shoulder down, forward and rotract it rather than up and back coming out of posture too soon. Very much still work in progress, but I am making progress.

What have we learned? Well we’ve proved that hitting 100’s of balls at the range doesn’t work. So what does work? I clearly haven’t mastered it yet.

Drills do if you commit to daily practice. However, it sometimes seems that when I add something new I temporarily mess up what I’ve already learned! Then its back to the previous drill for a few days.

I also strongly suspect its a lot to do with creating clear imagery of the body in motion within the mind, we are unlikely to ever understand how this actually works but I’m sure its possible to learn how to do it. I know that self awareness is key as is a heightened state of consciousness. There are practices you can learn to do to improve this ability, which may turn out to be as imprtant as the drills them selves to make them stick. More on this later, suffice to say I’m talking about focussed concentration on the right things and flow state.

It’s a process of self discovery, it takes time, its not easy but I’m enjoying it and  I’m getting much stronger and hitting better straighter shots. Importantly, I feel it it will shed some light on ‘how we learn’ so we can stop wasting time doing the things that don’t work freeing time to do the things that do and make lasting changes.

No going back now my old swing is ancient history! When I’ve worked it out I’ll write an ebook, with lots of clips from my video diary. In the meantime I will blog/vlog my practice over the next 100 days, firstly repeating the drills that I started with last December but working more efficiently now, hopefully that will be enough to win some comps, beat my husband and get a nice big handicap cut! The proof of the pudding so to speak. Or as Gandhi put it..

be the change you want to see