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about me a mindful moment
a mindful moment

I started to play golf many years ago, but have never really take it seriously until now! There always seemed to be something else more important to do. That is all about to change, this year I am applying my mindfulness and sophrology skills to my game and I’m excited to shared my progress with you through my blog.

My shots played in a mindful state are so much better than my shots that aren’t. Mindful practice on the range and practice ground makes it easier to access a similar state of mind on the course.

Greater awareness of the tricks the mind plays on you helps you to make better decisions and take fewer shots as a result. I will be blogging my progress – my handicap has just been cut further 6 shots to 17! A long way to go but I’m looking forward to the challenge and another cut coming soon.

For more about me see the side bar. As well as playing golf I teach mindfulness meditation, yoga and sophrology. To find out more about sophrology see www.sophrologylincs.co.uk. for mindfulness and yoga see www.wellbeingforliving.co.uk .

I have just finished year 1 of a masters Degree in applied Positive Psychology a fascinating new way of approaching psychology focussing on what makes human beings flourish as oppose to traditional psychology which tended to focus on mental illness. So I have a unique blend of  disciplines which I have brought to my game and on to the course and I want to share this knowledge so you can improve your game too.

This stuff really works! My handicap is coming down fast and my enjoyment of the game is soaring. I am also finding that my mindfulness practice is making positive change to  my relationships and life in general.