About me…..

I started to play golf many years ago, but have never really take it seriously until about 5 years ago! There always seemed to be something else more important to do. That is all changed when I turned 50 and found myself with an empty nest. I started by  applying my mindfulness and sophrology skills to my game and made good progess down to 12 but started to stall.

Greater awareness of the tricks the mind plays on you helps you to make better decisions and take fewer shots as a result. However, there comes a point where good technique is essential to gain the consistency we crave. 

I met with Russell Heritage last winter after becoming a bit addicted to watching his you tube channel (I am not alone) he has 61k+ subscribers. He could tell I was committed to practise and he was interested to find out what would happen if someone actual did the drills he set them week to week. How long would it take before unconsciousness competence prevailed?

Well we don’t know yet but I’m on it and I’m improving and we’ve learnt a lot. I am hoping my blog and ebook will provide the answers. Humans are amazing, unpredictable, adaptable and full of potential that’s why we can always get better if we do the right things. You are welcome to join me on my journey to discover what the right things they are.